Gabriella Merlotte is a vampire/human/shape-shifter hybrid living with the Cullens. She is also part Werewolf, having been bitten by one when she was younger, but is able to deal with it easily. Gabriella, also known as Gabby, has excellent control over her vampire abilities, and is regarded as a powerful and dangerous hybrid. Despite her cold, distant personality, she feels close to both Esme and Carlisle, both of whom have treated her with complete kindness. Unbeknownst to her she is closely related to Jacob, he keeps this a secret, and protects her without her knowledge. Also Gabby has no idea that Embry Call, Jacob's close friend, has imprinted on her, he also protects her unwilling to tell her the truth.


Gabriella has the appearance of a short, 17 year old girl, with glossy black hair and ice blue eyes, which she can change from her vampire eyes to her ability eyes. She normally only wears black clothes that cover her face and entire body, but will at times remove her hood to get a good look at the people she is close too. She is mostly seen with a nonchalant expression on her face, but will als have a pissed off expression because of all the pent up frustration she keeps within her.


Gabriella's personality is cruel, cold, distant, unaffectionate, and unwilling to get along with anyone because of witnessing her parents murder by a group of vampires who wanted to destroy the two of them for creating a dangerous hybrid. She is initially angry when she meets the Cullens, thinking they were the ones who killed her parents, but afterwards slowly get's used to them as they allow her to live with them. She also get's used to Jacob and his pack, but doesn't get close to anyone emotionally in fear that just like her parents, they will be taken away from her.

Because of her past, she doesn't believe in love, so she doesn't understand Embry's reasoning for always being next to her all the time as well as everyone around her being protective. She holds grudges for years, as she held a grudge against the Cullens for years after her parents were killed, and will do anything to get that grudge cleared including killing anyone getting in her way. Another reason why she doesn't believe in love is because at one point she did have a mate as a wolf, but he was killed, and Gabby never forgot about him, which is the reason for her unknown feelings towards Embry.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

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